I want to impact organisations, projects and people by delivering meaning through great design. Ultimately this contributes to a better world – for companies and users.

With my experience and bachelor in digitial design (CMD) I love designing different ways of creating meaning. Although design is my main way to do this concepting, motion design and video are ways of doing it. For years I have been training myself to work on getting a better and better base in different ways of creativity.

My name is Jonathan van den Broek, I am a 21 year old visual design student from Schoonhoven, South Holland. I love working for brands and organizations that want to make the world a better place.

Working with clients in the social field and beyond, I have the experience to create valuable and beautiful products and solutions for the right viewer and user.

In my process as a young creative professional I have experience with: digital design (UI, UX), visual design, video, motion design, photography and prototyping. Working in and leading a team of (young) creatives has taught me a lot about how a good team works and creates together.